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is our passion

  • We want to do more than just give legal advice. We want to work close with our clients, engage in their business and help them achieve their goals. Our ambition is that our combination of legal expertise, commercial understanding and strategic thinking will make our clients more competitive.

About us

  • About us

    Nyman Rudenstam Advokatbyrå was founded in January 2014 by Michael Nyman, Tomas Rudenstam and Jonas Conradsson. Together the founders had more than fifty years of experience from some of the largest law firms. The goal with founding Nyman Rudenstam is not to be just another law firm with skilled lawyers. In order to be truly successful you also need to be passionate about what you do and we therefore want to focus on those areas that we truly enjoy and consider us to be really good at. Our ambition is to be at the frontline in terms of cost efficiency, price models and IT-systems.

    The conditions for lawyers are changing. Today there is no need for large legal libraries or expensive IT-solutions. New technology has made it possible for smaller law firms to provide highly qualified and efficient legal services. Also the clients’ demands are changing. There is an increasing demand for cost efficiency. Why is it for example not possible for lawyers to give fixed prices when this is standard in many other businesses? Even more important, however, the clients require that the legal advice they are receiving are not only legally qualified but commercially viable and adapted to the specific needs of the client’s business.

    We want to work with clients with which we have a mutual interest and that share our values. We prefer to work in small and committed teams that can be updated on the clients’ needs and goals. In particular we work with companies that understand the importance of investing in legal services. These companies have generally understood that the law – used in the right way – can be an efficient competitive tool. We also work with companies with in-house lawyers, e.g. for international companies with general counsels abroad in the need of a partner in Sweden. They often appreciate our commercial approach.

  • Our experience

    Please see below a few examples of our experience;

    Court experience
    Working at one of Sweden’s as well as some of the world’s largest law firms
    General counsel at a global engineering company
    General counsel at a start-up
    Board experience
    Chairman and secretary at general shareholders meetings
    Assisting founders in connection with private equity investments
    Assisting management in connection with MBO’s
    Assisting private equity companies in connection with investments
    Day-to-day advice as “external” general counsel
    Authors of legal literature
    Lecturers at internal seminars at incubators
    Lecturers at law school seminars

  • Assignments that we have particularly enjoyed working on

    Intellectual property rights dispute regarding submarines
    Legal advisor for Koenigsegg, manufacturer of some of the world’s fastest cars
    Establishment of a five star hotel at Swedish ski resort
    Assisting in acquisition of foreign company with business operation in seven jurisdictions
    Sale of one of Sweden’s largest media company
    Investment in one of Sweden’s most exciting growth company
    Sale of a petroleum company
    Sale of a cement company
    Assisting an incubator focused at clean tech and smart grids


Our people

  • Our people

    Our co-workers are without a doubt our most important resource. We are very proud of having attracted persons with both width and depth in experience and interest.

  • Tomas Rudenstam

    +46(0)735 18 81 00

    Tomas is focused at Commercial Agreements, Intellectual Property Rights, M&A and Disputes. In particular Tomas enjoy working with high tech companies.

    Tomas Rudenstam
  • Michael Nyman

    +46(0)708 38 82 08

    Michael is focused at M&A, Corporate, Legal Risk Management and Commercial Agreements. Michael is passionate about helping his clients using the law as a tool in their businesses, thereby achieving a competitive advantage compared to their competitors.

    Michael Nyman
  • Jonas Conradsson

    +46(0)701 48 30 40

    Jonas is focused at Commercial Agreements, M&A, Private Equity and Corporate Law. He has vast experience from both Swedish and international transactions and investments in various branches. In particular Jonas enjoy contributing to growth.

    Jonas Conradsson
  • Caroline Cecchini Zonabend

    +46(0)732 68 70 81

  • Marianne Riquelme


    (Maternity leave)
    +46(0)731 415 385

    Marianne is focused on corporate law and is responsible for our service Paralegal Services. Marianne likes orderliness.

    Marianne Riquelme
  • Yasmine Shoaie-nia

    +46(0)731 400 997

    Yasmine Shoaie-nia
  • Elinor Pejryd

    +46(0)732 68 70 80

  • Elina Engström


    (Maternity leave)
    +46(0)70 518 3180

    Elina is focused on corporate law and is responsible for sales and events. Elina likes efficiency.


What we do

  • What we do

    We are not experts at everything. Nor is that our ambition. The legal areas within which we consider us especially skilled are (i) M&A/Corporate, (ii) Legal Risk Management, (iii) Commercial Agreements, (iv) Disputes and (V) Paralegal Services.

    Our long and broad experience has, however, also made us experts at being generalists and we always make sure to solve the issues that our clients face, regardless of area. If we don’t possess relevant competence in a particular area, we engage the external resources necessary, both in Sweden and abroad. With our knowledge and experience, we also consider us being experts at engaging other experts.

    Proper handling of legal risk is based on knowledge and experience. We want to help our clients become better and therefor offer legal lectures in selected areas on a continuing basis.

    All work performed by Nyman Rudenstam is governed by our general terms and conditions which you can find here: Swedish | English.

  • M&A/Corporate

    We assist in all types of transactions, private equity and venture capital investments, restructures, ownership changes and incentive programs.

    In addition to legal expertise, a successful transaction require commercial understanding and commitment. We always strive at working close to our clients, with small committed teams and experienced lawyers as project leaders. By employing discipline and focusing on the process, combined with smart technique and modern solutions, we increase quality and accuracy and at the same time minimize risk and cost.

  • Commercial Agreements

    A material part of our business is to assist our clients in reviewing, drafting and negotiating important commercial agreements. We have experience from all types of agreements, from SWAP-agreements regarding high-frequency trading to licensing of intellectual property rights to movie productions.

    Our experience span of over a variety of branches and our ambition is to help our clients to achieve both long term and commercially viable solutions.

  • Disputes

    We always try to help our clients avoiding disputes, but if they occur, we have lawyers with special experience from commercial disputes in both courts and arbitration.

    A dispute does not always have to lead to court procedures or arbitration. In fact, in most cases the parties settle outside of court. In those cases we assist with the negotiations and drafting of agreements. In other situation it is motivated to pursue the dispute in the courts or arbitration to the full extent. In those cases we act as the clients’ counsel and handle the process for them.

  • Legal Risk Management

    By Legal Risk Management is normally meant corporate governance and legal compliance. However, it is more than that. Running a business today is complicated and taking a wrong turn can be costly.

    More companies realize the importance of doing it right from start and have therefore implemented internal procedures, rules and other systems for minimizing risks and errors being committed. With our broad legal expertise and long experience of business law we help our clients identifying and handling legal risks.

  • Paralegal Services

    A paralegal is a person who has passed a two-year postsecondary education with a focus on law. In the US and UK, paralegals are an established profession; law firms and legal departments often employ paralegals in a position between the lawyer and the secretary. We at Nyman Rudenstam have experienced that paralegals can not only bring great benefit to our own business but also to our clients’ businesses by making our paralegals directly available to them. We call this service – Paralegal Services.

    Through our Paralegal Services our clients can in a flexible and cost efficient way obtain support for handling legal matters of administrative nature, e.g., updating the share ledger, preparing minutes from board and shareholders meetings, contract management etc.



  • As with all knowledge-intensive companies our success depends on our skilled co-workers.
    We are always looking for qualified and comitted lawyers sharing our passion and values.


  • 2016-05-10 Nyman Rudenstam initiates cooperation with Shifo Foundation.

    Nyman Rudenstam lawfirm is Shifo's new collaboration partner and supports Shifo with pro bono legal advice. Click here to view the press release.

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    2016-05-15 Bannerflow enters into an agreement with the world’s largest advertising network

    Bannerflow platforms are designed to make it easier to build digital ads without coding or design skills. Since last year, Bannerflow has grown from 15 to 50 employees and last  year’s turnover of SEK 26 million is expected this year to double. Bannerflow has now succeeded in signing an agreement with TBWA \ Chiat \ Day New York, the world's largest advertising network. In the negotiations with TBWA \ Chiat \ Day New York, Bannerflow was assisted by Nyman Rudenstam through Michael Nyman and Yasmine Shoaie-nia. For more information, contact Michael Nyman at +46 (0)708 38 82 08  or e-mail  

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    2016-04-15 Preservia AB (publ) issues mortgage of 100 MSEK

    Nyman Rudenstam has advised Preservia in connection with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority’s review of Preservias prospectus regarding registration of a bond loan. Preservia invests and manages real estate, mainly leasehold real estate in Stockholm. The board of directors of Preservia decided on 16 December 2016 to issue a bond loan of SEK 100 million for the purpose of achieving an adequate capital base to fund investments in a new production of leasehold real estate. The subscription period of the bond loan is 3 March 2016 to 31 May 2016. The prospectus was approved an registered by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority on 2 March 2016. Preservia was assisted by Nyman Rudenstam through Michael Nyman and Elinor Pejryd. For more information, contact Michael Nyman at +46 (0)708 38 82 08 or e-mail Nyman Rudenstam PressRelease 15 April 1604

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    2016-02-24 Nyman Rudenstam has assisted the founder with a sale of a majority stake in Lärarjouren i Sverige AB

    Nyman Rudenstam Advokatbyrå was the legal advisor of the Ulrika Frisén at her sale of 60 % of the shares in Lärarjouren i Sverige AB. Lärarjouren provides preschools and primary and secondary schools in Stockholm with substitute teachers whose knowledge is at a higher education level. Lärarjouren was founded by Ulrika Frisén in the year 1999 and in 2001 Stockholm University and KTH entered as joint owners. Today Lärarjouren has 300 substitute teachers. Ulrika Frisén was assisted in the sale by Nyman Rudenstam through Yasmine Shoaie-nia and Michael Nyman (responsible partner).

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    2015-12-01 Nyman Rudenstam has advised Bumbee Labs AB in Connection with the Swedish Data Protection Authority's review

    Nyman Rudenstam has advised Bumbee Labs AB in connection with the Swedish Data Protection Authority’s review of Bumbee Labs’ service for measurements of visitor flow data in city centers. Bumbee Labs uses the MAC address of mobile phones in an innovative way to create visitor statistics. The purpose of the service is to obtain a better basis for decision-making regarding new ventures and to identify the visitor flows in city centers, shopping centers etc. The Swedish Data Protection Authority has previously criticized Bumbee Labs’ service for being in violation of the Personal Data Act. Bumbee Labs has now implemented modifications of the service and the new version has been approved by the Swedish Data Protection Authority. Bumbee Labs was represented by Tomas Rudenstam.

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  • 2015-11-30 Nyman Rudenstam has assisted Smarteq AB (publ) in the acqusition of Åkerströms Intressenter AB

    Smarteq has entered into an agreement regarding the acquisition of all shares in Åkerströms Intressenter. Åkerströms produces products for radio control of industrial cranes, mobile applications, ports and trains. The company has a turnover of approx. 80MSEK with almost 60 employees. Through the acquisition the owners of the parent of Åkerströms, Åkerströms Intressenter, will receive payment by newly issued shares, corresponding to 48 percent of the ownership in the new company group. After the acquisition, the owners of Smarteq will own 52 percent and the current owners of Åkerströms Intressenter will own 48 procent of the shares in the new company group. In connection with the acquisition Smarteq will change its name to Allgon AB (publ). The acquisition is subject to approval by the shareholders meeting in Smarteq. Smarteq was assisted by Nyman Rudenstam through Jonas Conradsson and Yasmine Shoaie-Nia.

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    2015-11-30 Nyman Rudenstam continues to grow

    Nyman Rudenstam continues to grow and has employed Elinor Pejryd as an associate. Elinor has recently terminated a law clerkship program at Västmanland District Court. Elinor will work with all of the firm's legal areas.

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    2015-09-08 Nyman Rudenstam assists West at a major deal in Asia.

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    2015-08-13 Nyman Rudenstam assists Greenely in negotiating an agreement with SBAB Bank regarding provision of energy data to the bank’s 200,000 customers

    2015-06-26 Article in Breakit: Tomas Rudenstam lists the top 5 startup errors

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